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Amrit BasiBuilding for Analytics and Machine Learning

It's one thing to build a great model, it's another to get people to care and trust it. That's been my main mission working in different stage start-ups, some of those with funding milestones ranging from $5M to $200M. My models have been responsible for finding hundreds of thousands in unreconciled revenue, detecting internal fraud and responsible for allocating marketing resources.

That code running in a cloud server somewhere will have financial and ethical implications, so ensuring everybody is on the same page is important.

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01.About me

I graduated from Physics at UCL and jumped straight into the world of analytics. The first stage of my career had been a mix of technical & soft skills. Writing Python, SQL and using Tableau or working closely with account managers and clients. From there I went down a more technical route to data science and machine learning and now exploring the world of front-end development.

Here are a few technologies I have been working with recently

  • Python
  • JavaScript
  • Jupyter
  • TypeScript
  • Flask
  • React
  • PyTorch
  • Tailwind CSS

02.Where I've Worked

  • G3NR8
  • Milvik Bima
  • ETX Capital
  • Leesman

Machine Learning Engineer @G3NR8

Nov 2023 - Present

  • Developed novel techniques to extract purchasing behaviour from unstructured data using large language models such as GPT, Llama and Mixtral
  • Built web crawlers to extract additional data improving the output accuracy of current LLMs
  • Developed in house applications to anonymise confidential financial transcript data using named-entity recognition models
  • Fine tuned SDXL using Low Rank Adaptation to generate marketing material for clients

03.Some things I have built


Featured Project

My Blog

Built a blog which takes markdown files and converts them into articles. The purpose is to go over machine learning projects and papers breaking content down for beginners. Right now it includes a breakdown on Transformer architecture and how self attention works.

  • Python
  • Vercel
  • Machine Learning

Featured Project

Diamond Goose Ad-Suite

Developed an application to extract all images from a given shopify catalogue and perform transformations in memory using open source computer vision models. Hosted the application on StreamLit allowing luxury clothing brands to readily create instagram ads

  • Python
  • StreamLit
  • Open-AI
  • Commissioned Project

Featured Project


Built an application to recommend ski resorts based on user preferences and budget restrictions. Integrated Open AI’s assistant for dynamic web browsing to return real time pricing and availability, an algorithm was builtevaluate and rank lists of resorts based on user input

  • Python
  • StreamLit
  • Open-AI
  • Commissioned Project

04. Up Next

Get in Touch

I'm currently looking for new opportunities so if your currently in the process of building something awesome drop me a message!